Record Frustration

By John Willacy – As sea kayakers we are all too aware that the weather can spoil our fun at times. Weekends are frustrated and plans spoilt. The weather often has the last laugh, leaving frustration and disappointment in its wake, while the world moves on. As we enter the world of Performance Sea Paddling …

Video – Irish Sea Crossing 2007 – SAR Helicopter

A video of the 2007 Irish sea Crossing by John Willacy. Taken from the unusual perspective of a SAR helicopter.

Irish Sea Crossing 2007

Dragged this one off the old hard drive too. Back in 2007 this was my first crossing of the Irish Sea. Rescue 122 came out from RAF Valley to see if they could find me (they did). At the half-way mark this was a welcome diversion. In the days before the ubiquitous drone it resulted in an unsual perspective too.

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