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Our sister site, Performance Sea Kayak collates records of sea kayaking adventure and challenge – just the thing for a touch of sea-paddling inspiration.


John Willacy

Island-hopping the Channel Isles – the Channel Isles Grand Tour!

by Mark Rainsley Why? Numerous beautiful and varied islands and reefs, challenging tidal conditions and open crossings, using the southernmost toilet in the British Isles, the potential chance to annoy the French or cause an international incident. Start/ finish: St Malo (Brittany) or Granville (Normandy) to Goury (Normandy). Mileage: Minimum distance about 180km (we paddled …

Muckle Flugga or Bust! – paddling to the top of Britain

by Mark Rainsley Why? Because: Joining up the Orkney Islands and Shetland Island archipelagos, Britain’s outmost and northernmost communities. Spectacular coastal scenery, abundant marine wildlife – especially seabirds and cetaceans. The chance to reach the very top of Britain, Muckle Flugga Lighthouse and Out Stack rock. Start/ finish: Various launch possibilities on the UK mainland, …

Paddling around Cornwall – the Kernow Grand Tour!

by Mark Rainsley Why? Because: Cornwall. Wonderful maritime scenery and culture, incredible and sustained cliffs; the finest such scenery in the UK. Rounding the Cornish peninsula is simply an outstanding wild journey/ expedition. Start/ finish: Cornwall (obviously) begins at Plymouth Sound and ends at Marsland Mouth, both being borders with Devon. Various launch points possible …

The Dee Bore Guide

by John Willacy The UK has a number of rivers that form tidal bores. From a kayaking point of view many of these are surfable – to an extent. While some provide a dynamic, boisterous challenge, others are little more than a tick-in-the-box for the ‘bore-spotter’. For a bore to form we need a wide, …

Things To Do

Here is the collection of ‘Things To Do’ posts from the PSK facebook page, posted during the UK Covid-19 lockdown. John Willacy Things To Do: #1 – Your UK Circumnavigation If you are one of the potential UK Circumnavigators for 2021 then you may feel that the current circumstances have thrown a small spanner in …

Session Spotlight

by John Willacy

Each month we’ll take a look at a specific training session. This is not a training programme but some examples of training sessions that you may find useful to incorporate in your own programme.