Random Thoughts:

Trying is better than talking, succeeding is better than trying.

A slow time is better than no time.

There are only two people that listen to your excuses, you and your Mum.

Three P’s to set a record:  Planning, Preparation, Pacing.

Good luck: Preparation meets Opportunity

The weather is what it is, not necessarily what you want it to be.

Cornerstones of good training:  Industry, Intensity, Quality, Repetition.

A missed session is gone for good.

If life is shit or time is short, go to Short Intervals.

Know your limits. And gently stretch them.

Three factors to win a race:  Make it to the start. Make it to the finish. Do the second one faster than anyone else.

Race Strategy:  ‘Go hard at the start, go harder in the middle, go hardest at the end.’ – Billy Blackman

Stick it in and pull hard.

Don’t paddle an ‘ordinary’ boat.