The Anglesey Itch – Anglesey SOF circumnavigation

Two lines of footprints in the sand, leading to the brink of something we’ve been planning for a long time.
Trepidation and excitement play tag at the waterline.
The sea looks bleak in the moonlight and it’s such a long way. I know the early
euphoria will mellow to dogged grind, and that will stale into slow motion pain.

Around Wales in 15 Days

by John Willacy

The circumnavigation of Wales is an interesting paddling adventure. It brings more to the expedition table: coastline, canals and rivers. There’s even a tidal bore – if you get your timing right.

A trip around the block…

by Bryan Dickinson

Very soon after I began kayaking I remember chatting to Eila Wilkinson about her record attempts at circumnavigating Anglesey in a day. As a beginner to kayaking, the idea of paddling almost 125km seemed incredible, but as my experience widened, and knowledge of tidal planning increased, it no longer seemed impossible, the idea took hold, and it became one of those items on the ‘bucket list’.

Solo circumnavigation of Anglesey.

by Barry Shaw

Early in the year (2003) I decided I would like to try a circumnavigation of Anglesey in one hit, only thing was where to start from as there were so many different options available. I decided to do it on a 10 metre tide [Liverpool]
to get as much tidal assistance as possible and after a few workings out chose Borthwen at Rhoscolyn as my starting point.

Skye Circumnavigation Attempt 2019

by Norbert Ziobr

Skye is a great distance to paddle around. It is about 125 nm and requires taking a straight line between the headlands.
From my experience I know that it is possible to cover this distance, but only with exceptionally good weather.

I decided to spend a little bit of time to get to know each of the headlands…