The Dee Bore Guide

by John Willacy The UK has a number of rivers that form tidal bores. From a kayaking point of view many of these are surfable – to an extent. While some provide a dynamic, boisterous challenge, others are little more than a tick-in-the-box for the ‘bore-spotter’. For a bore to form we need a wide, …

Penrhyn Mawr Tiderace – A Guide

by Aled Williams

Penrhyn Mawr is arguably Anglesey’s best sea kayak play-spot. It is easily accessed, lying only a short distance off the coast of Anglesey. This is potentially a complex, weather and tide governed trip that includes kayaking in areas of strong tidal currents. Perfect for practicing rough water techniques and playing in waves, boils and eddies; however, in poor conditions this can quickly become a very confused and treacherous piece of water. Paddlers should be aware that they would be taking on the most powerful force of nature found on the Anglesey coastline, prepare themselves accordingly and adopt a defensive mind-set when playing in this location.