Spraydeck Repair

by John Willacy A look at a simple but effective spraydeck hole repair.   Now allow the adhesive/sealant to cure and then apply to the reverse side too. Job done – a dry deck!   Sealant:  I used Sikaflex here, but I also use silicon sealant. A free-flowing one works well, but standard bathroom-grade does …

Paddling Out of Depression

by Dan McGonigle

Dan has a lifetime background in sea and surf paddling; more recently he has become known on the UK scene for his 2015 circumnavigation of Ireland with Steve Miles and latterly for his two 2016 circumnavigations of Anglesey – the first with Jonny Eldridge and the second solo. The following is a rather frank and honest article from Dan.

Time to Ponder

by John Willacy

It has no respect for us, nor allows for our skill or reputation. It doesn’t care a fig that we may have a strong desire to complete our challenge or that we are raising money for a worthy cause. The ocean cares not for a desire to set a record, to make a name, or just ‘because it is there’. We need to be completely frank when we consider our abilities and limits, and we need to understand when we are pushing close to them. Let’s try not to fall for our own hype or worry too much about what others are doing. Pride, ego and a long-term future are not necessarily best buddies in this game…