Session Spotlight

by John Willacy

Each month we’ll take a look at a specific training session. This is not a training programme but some examples of training sessions that you may find useful to incorporate in your own programme.

Record Frustration

by John Willacy

As sea kayakers we are all too aware that the weather can spoil our fun at times. Weekends are frustrated and plans spoilt. The weather often has the last laugh, leaving frustration and disappointment in its wake, while the world moves on…

Race Preparations

by Andy Raspin

Previously Andy was a GB Team slalom paddler, gaining medals at World and European Championship level. He has also acted as a coach for the Canoe Wales Slalom Squad. Here he takes a look at race preparation.

Don’t Hang Up Your Paddles Over The Winter Months

by Brian Turnbull

The days are growing shorter, temperatures are on the decrease, the sea and rivers are losing some of the gentility they showed us over the past few months. This usually means we start to get that urge to stay in and ease off on the paddling – but why stop paddling over the winter? If we do then we are likely to have lose a lot of the physical conditioning we had built up towards the end of the previous summer. With a little imagination and some enthusiasm I believe it’s not that difficult to keep a degree of fitness over the winter months.

Self Confidence and the Psychological Fundamentals

by Jonathon Males

Jonathan Males is a sport psychologist and executive coach, who I met through our mutual work with the Canoe Wales Slalom Team. He has been kayaking since 1975, covering pretty much every aspect of the sport. Over the years his delight in paddling has been interwoven with a fascination for the inner world, the psychology of Performance. Perhaps this was kicked off when he first realised how much his own performance as a slalom paddler was influenced by his thoughts and feelings. Jonathan offered to write an article for the PSK Journal after we had a lengthy discussion about the role of Self-Confidence in my 2012 and 2015 UK Circumnavigation trips. This article is based on writings from within Jonathan’s book – ‘In The Flow’. 

Training Dirty

by Joe Leach

Prior to my 2015 solo Ireland circumnavigation I took some time to reflect on how best to train for expedition kayaking. What we sea paddlers do on expedition requires honing a peculiar set of skills and yet, like the coastline itself, our journeys are shaped by environmental factors beyond our control…

The Reluctant Time-Trialer

by Frank Harradence

In 2009, following 38 years in the NHS, at the ripe old age of 63 I decided to retire.  At the time I was blissfully unaware of sea kayaking.  However, a chance meeting with a party of New Zealanders who were kayaking around Kefalonia stirred an interest.
What followed was a move into kayaking and, over the years, lots of self-practice, supported by skills courses in North Wales, Anglesey and Cornwall. On one visit to Anglesey, staying with Paul & Catherine at Stick Cottage, I was introduced to Paul’s handmade Greenland paddles known as the Anglesey Stick.  This lead me to research Greenland Kayaking history and before long I was no longer using my carbon Werner paddle and fell ‘hook, line and sinker’ into the Greenland way.  I had found my own kayaking niche, or so I thought…