Circumnavigations: Isle of Anglesey

The circumnavigation of Anglesey is a rewarding challenge that benefits from detailed planning. It is viewed as a classic UK trip, paddling a lap is quite an achievement, a single-day one especiially so. The wide variety of start locations when combined with the tidal phases gives many different options and opinions of when and where to go from. Good planning is required for a fast lap, but for a more relaxed outlook then 3-4 days is the norm - weather allowing! With impressive scenery, exposed coastline, tide races, wildlife, open crossings, the fast-flowing Menai Strait and of course the tides. This is the ultimate one-day circumnavigation, a sea kayaking challenge that should be on everyone's list.


Anglesey Circumnav Mug

If you solo a lap of Anglesey in 2022 you earn yourself a rather exclusive PSK mug!

Isle of Anglesey

Route Distance: ~65 nm / 120 km
Prevailing direction: CW


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1K1MJohn Willacy09:24:0411-Sep-14Rockpool Taran 189.9CWYes
2K1MJohn Willacy09:54:4818-Apr-11Rockpool Taran 189.9CWYes
3(1)K1WJustine Curgenven10:08:4722-Jul-13Valley Rapier 189.7CWYesBlog
4K1MJohn Willacy10:12:1531-Mar-21Rockpool Taran 1810.0CWYes
5K1MJohn Willacy10:24:5422-Aug-09RockpoolTaran(P'type)9.8CWYes
6K1MJohn Willacy10:28:3814-Oct-12Rockpool Taran 189.3CWYes
7K1MJohn Willacy10:45:4010-Sep-06Nelo InukCWYesArticle
8K1MJohn Willacy11:10:5528-Mar-22Rockpool Taran 188.0CWYes
9K1MJohn Willacy11:12:4117-Oct-20Rockpool Taran 1810.0CCWYes
10K1MDan McGonigle11:20:1820-Sep-16Rockpool Taran 169.6CWYes
11K1MJohn Willacy11:30:0020-Sep-05Nelo Inuk10.4CWYesArticle
12(2)K1WEila Wilkinson12:18:4118-Sep-16SKUK Pulse9.8CWYes
13K1MJohn Willacy12:19:3817-Aug-20Rockpool Taran 168.4CCWYesArticle
14K1MSteve Miles12:23:0011-Sep-14Rockpool Taran 169.9CW--
15(3)K1WEila Wilkinson12:24:0009-Sep-10SKUK Pilgrim Expedition9.9CW--
16K1MNick Arding12:30:3017-Jul-14Rockpool Taran 189.0CW--
17K1MElliot Goddard12:46:5316-Jul-21Rockpool Taran 168.3CWYes
18(4)K1WKate Duffus13:08:0015-Apr-10P+H Cetus LV9.0CW--Blog
19K1MJames Stevenson13:25:0002-Jun-11SKUK Explorer8.7CW--Link1
20K1MBarry Shaw13:36:0012-Aug-03SKUK ExplorerCW--Report
21K1M Guy Slater13:58:0004-Jun-12Rockpool Taran 189.4CW--Blog
22K1MBryan Dickinson14:32:0006-Jun-16Rockpool Alaw Bach9.6CWYes
23(5)K1WEila Wilkinson14:40:0016-Sep-08SKUK Explorer LVCW--
24K1MAxel Schoevers15:10:0028-Sep-14SKUK Explorer9.0CWYesBlog
25K1MGuy Slater16:09:0006-May-12Valley Nordkapp RM9.7CW--Blog
26K1MMike Conroy18:53:2102-May-22Tiderace Pace 17 Tour9.1CWYes
27K1MPaul Griffiths3yrs 355 days18-Aug-12/CW--Blog

27 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise
Tide = height at Liverpool (m)


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1TeamNick Arding
Petr Major
Norbert Ziober
12:57:3703-Aug-19Rockpool Taran?
SKUK Quantum

2TeamElan Winter
Stuart Yendle
13:05:3509-Sep-13P+H Cetus

3TeamDan McGonigle
Jonny Eldridge
13:14:0023-Jun-16Rockpool Taran 16

4K2Jim Krawiecki /
Peter Roscoe

5TeamJustine Curgenven
Fiona Whitehead
14:30:00?-Mar-02SKUK Romany

6TeamMatt Hawkins
Mark_'Baggy' Richards
16:30:0008-Sep-14P+H Cetus MV

7TeamEdward Doherty
James Doherty
17:09:2020-Sep-21Cape Falcon F1
Cape Falcon F1
8TeamGeorge Bazeley
John Chamberlin
Ian Tatam
18:00:0017/18-Aug-73Slalom_K1 Swift
Slalom_K1 Swift

9Team_MxBryan Dickinson
Jenny Wong
35:00:0024-Jun-18Rockpool Alaw Bach

10Team_C2Colin Skeath
Katrina Skeath
~39:00:0006-Jun-15Old Town Penobscot

11TeamMike Chandler
John Willacy
2 days30-Jul-04P+H Quest
P+H Quest
12Team_MxSarah Horton
Geth Roberts
3yrs 187 days02-Dec-19SKUK Romany

13TeamAlan Hughes
Don Roscoe
Ken Rudram


29 team paddlers in 13 teams


George Bazeley / John Chamberlin et al. (17/18-Aug-73)
From John Chamberlain: "This was the first non-stop kayak circumnavigation of Anglesey. (NB A year or two previously, Alan Hughes, Don Roscoe and Ken Rudram had circumnavigated the island, but had taken a 2-hour beach break on the way round.)"
Edward Doherty / James Doherty et al. (20-Sep-21)
Edward and James completed this lap of Anglesey in SOF kayaks they built themselves.
Paul Griffiths : (18-Aug-12)
Paul set out to complete the Anglesey Circumnav as an ongoing project in stages, as and when he could.
Alan Hughes / Don Roscoe et al. (71/72?)
Thought to be the first kayak circumnavigation of Anglesey.
Guy Slater : (06-May-12)
This was Guy's second attempt at the Anglesey Circumnavigation, his first attempt took 48 hours with two overnight camps. Quote: "...some more careful planning was clearly needed!"
Guy Slater : (04-Jun-12)
Armed with a new plan and a new boat, Guy returned to knock a further 2 hours off his PB.

Isle of Anglesey
40 completions -- 27 solo + 13 team + 0 escorted
56 paddlers in total (27 solo / 29 team / 0 escorted

Route Distance: ~65 nm / 120 km
Prevailing direction: CW
Recorded Start Points:
    • Beaumaris (1)
    • Borthwen (5)
    • Cable Bay (3)
    • Caernarfon (3)
    • Cemlyn Bay (3)
    • Llanddwyn (4)
    • Menai Bridge (2)
    • Newborough (1)
    • Penmon (1)
    • Penmon? (1)
    • Plas Menai (1)
    • Porth Dafarch (3)
    • Porth Nobla (1)
    • Porth Trecastell (1)
    • Puffin Sound (1)
    • Rhoscolyn (4)
    • Soldier's Point (1)
    • xxx (4)

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