Crossings: North Minch

This is viewed as a classic crossing on the west coast of Scotland, the scenery, the beaches and the weather can all be breathtaking! The North Minch crossing lies between the Outer Hebrides and mainland Scotland while the Little Minch is slightly shorter and crosses a touch to the south between the Outer hebrides and the Isle of Skye.
Excellent routes to start ticking off the open crossing list.
Both routes (Little Minch/North Minch) have been paddled many times, these are the trips we have been informed of.

Snowdonia Watersports

North Minch

Route Distance: ~27 nm / 50 km
Prevailing direction: ?


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1K1MNorbert Ziober07:38:0001-May-15Bay of StoerPabail PierTiderace Pace 17 TourYes
2K1MNorbert Ziober11:34:0017-Oct-15Tolsta HeadOldshore BegTiderace Pace 17 TourYes

2 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


North Minch
2 completions -- 2 solo + 0 team + 0 escorted
2 paddlers in total (2 solo / 0 team / 0 escorted

Route Distance: ~27 nm / 50 km
Prevailing direction: ?
Recorded Start Points: