Land's End - John O'Groats

As the crow flies it is over 600 nm from Land's End to John O'Groats, but factor in all the wiggly bits and it is considerably further. This is an interesting record route as it can vary between salt and/or freshwater, as the paddler sees fit. The rules are simple; start at Sennen Cove and finish at John O'Groats (or go in 'reverse') paddling a continuous route between. Open water or Inland - sea, rivers, lochs or canals - that's up to you. Of course you could also close the loop with a cycle ride back home...

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Land's End - John o'Groats


Number of Records: 4
Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Boat Note Links
1 K1M Glyn Brackenbury
32 20-May-13 Sennen Cove Mega Viking Blog Website
2 K1M Roy Beal
56 20-Jul-21 John o'Groats Fulmar (Ply - hand made) Route
3 K1M Nick Arding
65 25-Jul-13 Sennen Cove Rockpool Taran 1/2 Partnered Facebook
4 K1M Andy Murphy
91 15-Jul-19 Sennen Cove NDK Explorer Partnered

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Land's End - John o'Groats

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