Circumnavigations: Wales

The circumnavigation of Wales is an interesting paddle that takes in both fresh and saltwater. It includes stretches on the Rivers Dee and Severn. The River Dee stretch is memorable for those who get their timings right and are able to surf the Bore up to Chester; the Severn returns the paddler to saltwater. The river stretches are separated with a number of days cruising on peaceful canals.
Following this of course is the multi-day coastal trip along the Welsh coastline to wrap things up.
This trip makes a good intro into multi-day paddling with a purpose.

Image: In search of the Bore, Dee Estuary


Circumnavigation: Wales


Number of Records: 6
Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Boat Note Links
1 K1M Glyn Brackenbury
12 06-Jun-21 Slimbridge Mega Velocity Blog
2 K1M John Willacy
15 26-May-19 Rhossili Rockpool Taran Blog
2 K1M Steve Porter
15 15-Jun-03 Llandudno SKUK Romany Explorer
4 K1M John Willacy
29 28-Jun-03 Llandudno P+H Quest
5 K1M Roger Pyves
36 12-Aug-12 Llandudno P+H Cetus HV Sails Link1
6 K1M Finn Burnham
43 13-Oct-18 Llandudno SKUK Explorer News Video

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Number of Records: 3
Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Boat Note Links
1 Team Justine Curgenven
Fiona Whitehead
18 02-Aug-01 Beaumaris SKUK Romany Link1
2 Team Ray Goodwin
Hefin Peregrine
Arwel Phillips
Alun Pugh
24? 23-Jun-10 Aberaeron Wilderness_Systems Blog Website
2 Team Paul Barrett
Roger Chandler
Di Lee
24 26-Apr-11 Beaumaris P+H Quest Blog

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Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Boat Note Links

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Circumnavigation: Wales

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