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Llyn Padarn Time Trial

The monthly Llyn Padarn 5km timetrials are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month, dates below.
Alternatively you can self-time an 'Open' run and submit your time to PSK.
This is a 5km course along the east side of the lake, starting and finishing by the Slate Museum. Either meet at the Snowdonia Watersports pontoon at 10:15, to have a 10 min warmup paddle across to start - or park and get on at the end of the slate museum car park. First boat starts at 11:00.
It is a handicap race based on previous times. Times vary from about 28 to 40 mins. with a variety of boats taking part: sprint K1s, sea kayaks, WWR boats, fast tourers, etc. All abilities are welcome.
This TT is organised by Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers, PSK only display the results.

Course Details

Snowdonia Watersports

Event Dates for 2021/2022

1 - 19-Sep-212 - 17-Oct-213 - 21-Nov-21
4 - 19-Dec-215 - 16-Jan-226 - 27-Feb-22
7 - 20-Mar-21

The Llyn Padarn TT course:

The course is slightly unconventional for a Time Trial:

Basically start right in the corner by the Slate Museum, paddle along the N/E shore and turn around the large rock at the approx 15 min mark, same route back, along the shore.

The start is right in the corner by the Slate Museum (SH 583, 603) just to the north of where the river comes in. There is a tiny, scruffy little beach in the trees and a couple of boat lengths NW of there, there is a low branch protruding out of the water - it did have a small red flag on it but that has faded now. That's the start/finish line.

The turn point is down the lake on the N/E shore (SH 565,619). It is a large, smooth, low-lying rock (small-car sized ~ 1m high) immediately after the large, smooth sloping rock ledge (obvious). Turn CCW around the rock.

The unconventional bit about the course is that you need to follow the bank (a measure from the DCP club, originally designed for safety of junior paddlers) and have to complete at least 5km for your time to be valid. Cut across the 'bays' too much and you'll go under 5 km - naughty! Go under 5km and your time won't count. Paddle approx. 50 m from the bank and you should be ok. It may take a few runs to get the hang of but it does work.

The organised Winter Series races are 3rd Sunday of each month from September to March, run by James and Penny Wingfield of Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers. You can run the course any other time and self-time it - an 'Open Run'. PSK publish times for both Open Runs and the Winter Series on the PSK website.

Any questions please contact PSK.

LlynP TT Course
Llyn Padar TT - The Course

Start Line
The Start

Start Area
Squeezed into the corner, the Start Area

Start Line
The person on the bank in the red jacket is the timekeeper standing on the start/finish line

On the Start Line
On the Start Line (summer) - you can just make out the tiny red flag on the branch low to the water, to the paddler's right shoulder.

On the Start Line
On the Start Line (winter) - start line is just ahead of the blue/white boat ihn the background.

Follow the bank
Follow the bank.

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