PSK Distance Challenge

A multi-location, distance-paddling challenge which aims to test research and planning, along with the physicality of paddling.

Comprised of 3 timed legs - 1 hr, 3hrs and 5 hrs.
See how far you can paddle in each leg.
You choose your venue and plan your route.
We total up the distances on the ranking board.


  • Route and venue for each leg is decided by the paddler.
  • Open to solo paddlers, teams and K2/Doubles.
  • Distance to be recorded by GPS.
  • Distances will be displayed on the Total Distance Table and on the individual leg tables (1, 3, 5hrs)
  • The Total Distance Table displays the combined total from the best distance from each of the 3 component legs.
  • Routes from different legs cannot overlap if they are to count towards the Total Distance (overlaps within a leg are allowed.)
  • Enter as often as you like.
  • Routes submitted must not be part of an organised 3rd party event.
  • Entries taken from longer paddles elegible, we'll calculate the relevant distance.

  • Craft
  • The same craft must be used for each of the component distances to count towards the Total Distance Table.
  • Different craft may be used where attempts are not to count towards the Total Distance Table.
  • Closed cockpit kayaks, skis or SUP's only on open or moving water.
  • K2s/Doubles results shown on separate table.

  • Assistance
  • No sails, motors etc. - human paddle power only.
  • No Wash-hanging other than from craft within the team.
  • No assistance from outside the team.

  • Safety
  • The paddler(s) must undertake an assessment of risk, for their chosen route and venue.
  • The management of any risk is entirely the responsibility of the paddler(s).
  • Ensure your group is capable of handling the conditions possible on your chosen route.
  • A PFD must be worn at all times.
  • Helmets and Leashes should be worn where appropriate (leashes on Skis, SUP's etc).
  • All craft must be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)
  • Safety equipment such as VHF radio, PLB, flares, mobile phone, map, compass, shelter etc. should be carried as appropriate.
  • Leave details of your route and time of return with a shore party and/or HM Coastguard as appropriate.
  • If you choose to paddle solo be aware of the significant extra risks involved.

** The PSK Distance Challenge is an unsupervised standing challenge.   Read The Safety Page **

Please send in the GPS track file. No GPS file, No Results.
(The GPS file please: Not a link to garmin connect/strava/fb or a phone screengrab etc.)

Send it in here: Contact Us

PLEASE NOTE: Things may need tweaking initially, we may choose to alter the rules or format for up to 6 months from the first distance being submitted.

PSK Distance Challenge

Total Distance Table

Name Cat Club Entries 1 Hour 3 Hours 5 Hours 9hr Avg Total Dist
1 Frank Harradence K1M Broadland
PaddleSport Club
3 8.8 km
( England - River)
22.2 km
( England - River)
38.7 km
( England - River)
7.73 kph
(4.18 kts)
69.6 km
(37.6 nm)
2 Chris Thorne SUP_M Snowdonia
2 --
31.6 km
( Wales - Sea)
3.51 kph
(1.90 kts)
31.6 km
(17.1 nm)
3 Dave Cutts K1M Snowdonia
1 --
23.7 km
( Scotland - Lake)
2.63 kph
(1.42 kts)
23.7 km
(12.8 nm)
4 Pascale Eichenmuller
John Willacy
Team_Mx Rockpool
1 16.1 km
( Scotland - River)
1.79 kph
(0.97 kts)
16.1 km
(8.7 nm)
5 Volker Gärtner K1M Heidelberg
1 14.0 km
( Germany - River)
1.56 kph
(0.84 kts)
14.0 km
(7.6 nm)

PSK Distance Challenge
6 paddlers total.
4 solo paddlers
2 team paddlers in 1 team

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