The P&H Irish Sea Crossing, 23/24 July 1972 – (St. George’s Channel)

By John Chamberlin A ‘First’ for Midland Canoe Club At 18.00 hrs on Sunday, 23rd July, George Bazeley, lan Tatam and myself set off from Whitesands Bay (near St David’s in Pembrokeshire, South Wales) to canoe, without escort, to Southern Ireland. 17 hours later at 11 .00 hours on Monday 24th, we landed safely at …

The P&H Irish Sea Crossing – 14/15 June 1996

By John Chamberlin ‘Chance Favours The Prepared Mind’ (Louis Pasteur, 1822-95) ‘You Make Your Own Luck’ (John Chamberlin, b. 1946)   At 22.30 on Friday, 14 June, 1996, Tim Oldrini and myself left Soldiers’ Point, Holyhead, Anglesey and headed out past North Stack to assume a compass bearing of 280 magnetic. Sixteen and a quarter …

Video – The Dee Bore – Full Length

Surfing the Dee Bore – the full length 30 min+ run

The Dee Bore – Full Length

The full 30 min+ ride on the River Dee Bore.

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