A Love – Hate – Love Relationship: My Garmin GPS

by Richard Peevor

It’s 05:15 on a Sunday morning when the alarm goes off… Despite struggling to get to sleep last night and probably only sleeping for four hours (thanks to simply going over and over how I am going to go round a red buoy and get back to a slipway) I’m wide awake. I’m into the car and on the road by 05:45, in the dark. I’ve got an excited but nervous feeling in my stomach. All this is just to get on the water early enough to get the ideal tidal window to do the Menai Challenge. We are in a high pressure at the moment, it’s the first weekend of decent weather in ages, with no wind forecast… perfect conditions. To most people this challenge will mean nothing and getting up to do it at silly o’clock on a Sunday, even more of a waste of time; but to me, it means a lot.