Video – Penrhyn Mawr – Sunny Side Up

Penrhyn Mawr is a tide race on the W coast of Holy Island, Anglesey, UK. The tide, a rocky headland and a number of shallow reefs work together to form this section of overfalls/tide race.

It is a popular moving-water paddling spot in the UK sea kayaking scene. Conditions change extensively with wind, swell and tide : ranging from easy moving water, to ‘best watch it from the cliff tops today.’

On this day it was a gentle neap tide (8.2m Liverpool) and with only a slight swell running. An overnight 12-14 mph breeze from the NW had created a bit of chop that ran across the streams, confusing things a little here and there. Still, the sun was out and fun was had!


Tide: 8.2 m Liverpool

Swell: 0-1 ft (Magicseaweed)

Wind: 12-14 mph NW

Boat: Rockpool Taran 18