Video – Cardinal Changes

Surfing the Swelly Rock wave once again, this time in the Rockpool Taran 16. The 9.9m spring tide ensures a rapid level rise and constantly changing conditions. Facebook: YouTube:

Spraydeck Repair

by John Willacy A look at a simple but effective spraydeck hole repair.   Now allow the adhesive/sealant to cure and then apply to the reverse side too. Job done – a dry deck!   Sealant:  I used Sikaflex here, but I also use silicon sealant. A free-flowing one works well, but standard bathroom-grade does …

Video – Scruffy Bore

Another run of the River Ribble Bore. Higher river levels and strong winds meant it was never going to be a ‘clean one’ – missing the front wave didn’t help either… Still, it was worth getting out of bed for. Facebook: YouTube: