Video – Cardinal Changes

In the Menia Straits once again, to surf the Swelly Rock Wave. This time I’m paddling the Rockpool Taran 16. The 9.9m spring tide ensures a rapid level rise and constantly changing conditions. YouTube: Facebook:

Spraydeck Repair

by John Willacy A look at a simple but effective spraydeck hole repair.   Now allow the adhesive/sealant to cure and then apply to the reverse side too. Job done – a dry deck!   Sealant:  I used Sikaflex here, but I also use silicon sealant. A free-flowing one works well, but standard bathroom-grade does …

Video – Scruffy Bore

Another run of the River Ribble Bore in the UK. Not the best one this though, higher river levels and strong winds meant it was never going to be a ‘clean one’. Missing the front wave didn’t help either… All said, it was still worth getting out of bed for. YouTube: Facebook: