Bridge Farts.

Back on the canal today, for one of the sessions I enjoy – Bridge Fa(h)rts.

This stretch of the Lancaster Canal lends itself nicely to this session – basically paddle a mixed intervals session, using the gaps between the bridges to dictate the work/rest periods.

So the format here:
Paddle out for an extended 30′ warm-up, lifting it slightly after 10′ to a fast cruise pace working on technique to the 30′.

Then turn (just after a bridge of course) and the work starts for the way back.

Alternate hard / easy efforts from bridge to bridge. As the gaps between the bridges are not equal the work/rest ratio isn’t either: the gaps stretch from under 1 min to around 5 mins.

If I start at the first bridge then the work efforts tend to be longer and if I start on the following bridge then the rest efforts tend to be longer.
It’s a good sess that brings a little bit of everything, including on a good day, peace and quiet, kingfishers and nosey cows.

Today it was a case of fast boat πŸ˜ƒ big blades πŸ˜ƒ but little arms. πŸ™

Bridge Farts – always a good ‘un.

by John Willacy