The Anglesey Itch – Anglesey SOF circumnavigation

Two lines of footprints in the sand, leading to the brink of something we’ve been planning for a long time.
Trepidation and excitement play tag at the waterline.
The sea looks bleak in the moonlight and it’s such a long way. I know the early
euphoria will mellow to dogged grind, and that will stale into slow motion pain.

Video – Climbs – Swellies Training Session

I didn’t have to go into the ‘office’ this morning so I popped over to the ‘gym’ instead, for a session on ‘Climbs’. This is a regular part of training sessions here, it develops a combination of boat positioning, timing, precision and of course, consistency. Get it right and it’s rewarding, get it wrong and you need new knuckles.