‘A Little German Girl’ — Fridel Meyer’s attempt to circumnavigate the UK

by Pascale Eichenmuller Fridel who? Why haven’t I heard of her, you may well ask? Well, Fridel Meyer was born 1908 in Kitzingen am Main in Bavaria, Southern Germany and was introduced to watersports by her grandfather, the lifeguard of the towns swimming baths. In 1932 Fridel arrived in London in style – by kayak. …

GB Circ – The GB Sea Kayak Circumnavigation

by John Willacy

So… you want to paddle a kayak around the UK?

And why not?

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Well let’s not look too deeply at the changeable British Weather, the long stretches of exposed coastline or speedy tidal flows. Don’t worry about the busy shipping lanes, the hauling of heavy boats or dodging Jet-skis, and pretty much everything else that goes with poncing about on a big ocean in a little plastic boat…

GB Circumnav – Chocolate and Tolerance…

by Katie Ellis

As 2015 arrived Katie was still looking for a paddling partner to accompany her on a looming UK Circumnavigation trip. She met Lee Taylor on a paddle to Lundy Island in February, Lee decided there and then to join the party and a plan began to form. The intrepid pair set out on from Falmouth in April, only 2 months later. Katie’s article tells how the new friendship coped with the stresses and strains of 128 days and 2000 miles on the water…

GB Circumnav – Solo Round Britain May-Sept 2002

by Richard Atkinson

These are the updates written during my solo journey around mainland Britain in 2002, they tell the story of my solo kayak voyage around mainland UK that summer. The journey began on 5th May in Spey Bay, Moray Firth, travelling clockwise and returning to Spey Bay September 2nd. At the end I’ve added some appendices which may be helpful to those preparing a similar trip.