Race Preparations

By Andy Raspin

Previously Andy was a GB Team slalom paddler, gaining medals at World and European Championship level. He has also acted as a coach for the Canoe Wales Slalom Squad.



More than 1 month to go…
    • Physical Review – Am I where I want to be?
    • Technical Review – Are all my moves/techniques working for me?
    • Mental Review – Getting in the correct head space, with my progress and performances.
    • Venue Review – Make sure to practice as many moves as possible at race sites.
    • Make sure Race Entries have been sent and accepted.


  • 1 Month to go…
    • Equipment Choices made and happy with choices. (Boat, paddles, clothing etc.)
    • Boat should meet regulations and be in good working order.
    • Accommodation arrangements made for race weekends.
    • Start to practice your Race Preparations, in pre-races and also in training with Delivery Fulls.
    • Start to Taper your training.


  • 2/3 Weeks to go…
    • Stop reviewing your progress, work with what you have and deliver to the best of your ability.
    • Travel arrangement to races arranged.
    • Start to practice Course Visualisation of the site you will be racing at. Also be able to watch videos for specific sites.
    • Pre-plan Solutions to possible race-day problems, be prepared for some eventualities eg. Race running late, paddles damaged during warm-up etc.
    • Get a Start List – To plan The Day (course walks, time to change etc).
    • Tapering continued.


  • 1 Week to go…
    • Race-Day Food organised and chosen, food you like and food that works for you.
    • Plan Warm-Up – site dependent, how long, type of exercises and the location of your warm-up.
    • Socialising and Relaxation in the run-up can be a good way to de-stress.
    • Good Sleep for the whole week running up to the race, try to avoid late nights.
    • Feel Good in yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally.
    • Be Ready To Race!


Andy Raspin