Video – Midnight Climbs and Menai Illuminations

The Menai Straits:
Back in July 2020, someone decided to celebrate the NHS by lighting up the Menai Straits bridges for an evening. A worthy idea for a fantastic organisation no doubt, though just after the longest day seemed a little strange scheduling. Of course this was a unique paddling opportunity for an unusual perspective. And so timings were altered – the ‘Climbs’ session became a breezy ‘Midnight Climbs’ sess.

Layout: A bimble down to the Telford Suspension Bridge, then the climbs on ‘The Arches’, before taking a look down at Brittania Bridge. On the way back there’s a sneaky surf on ‘The Cardinal’ (can you spot it?) before a final climb and head for home.

The Menai Straits separates the Isle of Anglesey from the North Wales mainland. The Swellies is a 1 mile section of tidal rapids and features between the two bridges.