Storm Eunice – To paddle or not?

Today Storm Eunice was blowing through. Should I paddle or not? I took some time to think it through…

Today the water was intriguingly high for a mid-spring tide (only a 9.3m) – it’s not often you see the wheely-bins afloat! There was plenty to learn and new things to see. So to see I went. However it was windy, and so the decision was not taken lightly.

Your Call.

I avoid the generic hyperbole. Not because of arrogance or superiority – far from it, but because I don’t need any doubts today. They really don’t help. I keep my head down.

So I study the trusted local forecast. I know well how their figures match my paddling abilities.

I know just which numbers mean I can, and those that mean I can’t.

I know how the direction will say where I can go, where I can’t, and where I can hide.

I know how the timings will work with the tide and against the tide.

So I study the forecast – aware to look for what will actually be, not for what I want it to be.

It forms a picture, a plan.

I then load up and go and have a look.

And then if I’m still happy I get on.

Any doubts, I bin it and go home.

Today I got on.

So the van doesn’t blow away.
The wind makes for high water today – no Green!

Near to the top.
Menai Bridge slip under water
I think the dark blue one warns that the trailer park floods…

Not often you see the bridge lying flat.
Still for sale…
Not much Cardinal left either…
Blue Moon Wave not quite there though

The drop in 1 hour or so
The Green is back
Windy arches

By John Willacy