Video – Cardinal 360

by John Willacy

Relaxing on the Cardinal Wave, post-training with The Boss.
After a sess around The Arches, on the Menai Suspension Bridge, we dropped down for a warm-down surf on The Cardinal.

The Cardinal Post creates a strong v-wave on the ebb, with a second wave perpendicular to the flow sitting behind. The V-wave can be a rather demanding surf around high-water on the bigger tides, while the second wave just gets smoother and friendlier.

The route to climb from 2nd to V-wave is interesting (for a water-watcher!) – you need to move out ‘sideways’ into the flow to minimise the gradient, and paddle hard . Then slowly inch back in towards the wave as you make a slow but steady climb. A compromise between shorter route with gradient and the route exposed to fast flow for longer…

You can gain a slight boost by riding a little higher on the 2nd wave just before you go.

At high water, this climb is a good example of an ATP sprint – if you haven’t made it by the 12″ mark then the odds go towards a return to 2nd wave.
The Cardinal provides a bit of fun, combined with a challenge and a relaxing surf.