Video – Early Doors – Surfing The Swellies

The Boss and myself have an early start to make the tide for a play session in the Swellies. This time we are joined by Roger Chandler of Coastal Spirit.
We start with a play on ‘Boily Wave’ for a wake-up and then move on to ‘Snowdonia Rapid’ which is running quite nicely.
Then as things wash-out we move over to ‘Swelly Rock’. The camera battery ran out before the Swelly Rock wave got up to speed, but we had some fun all the same!

Good fun and good company – the way to start the day with a smile.

The Swellies is a 1 mile long section of the Menai Strait in North Wales, UK. Here the narrow channel and rocky shallows squeeze the tide to form some nice tidal rapid fun.

by John Willacy