Video – Penrhyn Mawr – Running Through

by John Willacy

Penrhyn Mawr is a tide race on the W coast of the Isle of Anglesey*, UK. The flooding tide, a rocky headland and a number of shallow reefs work together to form the often impressive tide race. It is a popular moving-water paddling spot in the UK sea kayaking scene.

Here I mix a bit of training with a lot of fun as I paddle through, climb back up and have a bit of a surf along the way. All good practice.
On the day I had the place to myself, which meant I could indulge myself a little running through etc. Though paddling solo here can be a little intimidating at times.

All said, blue skies, blue seas, plenty of sunshine and a bit of white-water. What else do you want?

So go on, put it on your big screen and come for a ride to PM!

Tide: 9.6 m Liverpool
Swell: 1-2 ft (Magicseaweed)
Wind: 8-10 mph NW
Time: HWLP ~ -3:00
Boat: Rockpool Taran 18

*Actually Holy Island of course.